Create powerful inspection templates, carry out thorough audits quickly, whilst capturing as much data as possible.

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Manage your inspections all in one place.

Create your personalised inspection templates, then use these to perform detailed audits. With the option to add comments, photos and required actions to each inspection test, Checklist Inspector is the most powerful auditing software available.

Checklist Inspector for iOS

Inspections with a difference

Comments, multiple photos and assignable actions can all be attached to individual inspection tests, making it easy for you to organise all of your findings to boost the power of your inspections.

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Get meaningful feedback

Checklist Inspector automatically displays useful data from your inspections, giving you a full understanding of the inspection at a glance. With Checklist Inspector, it’s simple and easy to stay informed about all your inspection work.

Inspection Overviews

Useful, dynamic reports

Only need to provide one contractor with their relevant inspection findings? Checklist Inspector is set up to handle that, just select that contractor in the report options. You can also personalise your reports to include certain dates, or only actionable issues. Flexibility is key to Checklist Inspectors power.

Dynamic Inspection Reports

Completely Custom Inspections

Build inspection templates that are perfect for your work, no need for any uneccessary questions or tests. Build your inspection templates in app, or use our free online Template Builder to build templates on your computer, great for migrating existing inspection data quickly from documents and spreadsheets.

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Never miss a detail

Checklist Inspector allows you to set up inspections exactly to your specifications. Add location, map, site photo, client details, up to 10 assignees/responsible persons and more. Checklist Inspector ensures you maintain the highest level of precision.

Collect project details with Checklist Inspector

Powerful, quick, efficient

Check out how Checklist Inspector works in the video below, demonstrating the ease of setting up a template, then using this for an inspection.

Helping you get things done

We love hearing how our customers are using Checklist Inspector to get things done, check out some of our reviews below from the App Store.


Exactly what I needed to carry out necessary annual reviews needed to keep on top of any issues discovered during these visits. Fit for purpose.

“Great App!”

This app is very user friendly and east to customize for my needs. The ability to export the final report to a PDF doc and email is wonderful. I saved 45 minutes on first audit with the ease operation from my iPad, this is huge for me. Great app and well worth the $15.00.

“Very handy inspection app”

Very useful, user friendly, simplified and customisable inspection app.

“Incredibly useful and flexible”

For regular or routine checks and inspections, I have seen nothing that beats it, certainly not on cost. The development team proved really responsive too, quickly resolving early, first version, template difficulties. You design the questions and the flow, capturing the information that matters to you, along with the actions needed to put it right. So much faster than a clipboard, email the outcome of the inspection seconds after finishing, no wasting time writing a report on return to the office. We have used this for a while now, it is a winner, highly recommended.

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Available for any iPad running iOS10+